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QUESTION: Who is required to have an electrician license or certificate?

ANSWER: If you perform electrical work in the following states, you are required by law to possess either an Electrician license or certificate relating to the type of work you are performing and or your level of electrical experience. For example, Residential, Journeyman, or Master Electrician.

List of States We Support.

If you are taking an exam based on 2014, 2017, or 2020 NEC but do not see your State listed above, Call us at 866-685-8564.

QUESTION: What is your refund policy?

ANSWER: To properly utilize our course and qualify for a full refund if you cannot pass your exam, you must complete the following steps.

  1. Complete the entire curriculum as laid out within the “Read This First-Study Schedule” located in the “START HERE” portion of the classroom.
  2. Pass at least two mock final exams with an 80% or higher score. 
  3. Take and fail to pass the electrician exam twice while using our program. 
    • After your first unsuccessful attempt at passing your exam, email your test results to us so we may guide you in the areas where you are struggling. 
    • If you are unable to pass your exam on your second attempt, send us your test results within 14 days of taking your exam to receive a full refund, and we will remove you from the course. 

We will provide additional coaching and guidance toward passing your exam if you elect to remain enrolled in our course.

*Shipping and code book charges are non-refundable.

QUESTION: How do I sign up for the exam?

ANSWER: Each State has different procedures for signing up for the exam. Please reference on this site the state you wish to be licensed in.

QUESTION: Why should someone study this course if the certification exam is an open-book test?

ANSWER: The electrical certification license test is a very challenging exam based on the NEC and usually requires a month or more of preparation to pass.

The NEC is a large and complex publication containing over 1000 pages of code. It is challenging to locate each correct article and answer in the time allowed during the exam without thorough preparation.

Our course is designed to familiarize you with the NEC. You will know exactly how to find the correct answers in the code.

We prepare you to successfully pass your exam by providing extensive knowledge of the structure of the code and by thoroughly covering each subject appearing on your Electrical Certification License Exam. 

QUESTION: Why is a copy of the NEC required by this course?

ANSWER: The Electrical Certification license Exam is based on the NEC. This course is an excellent study companion to the NEC. This course makes frequent references to code sections and guides you through the exam topics.

The Electrical License Exam is an open-book code exam. To pass, you must constantly reference the National Electrical Code.