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California 32-Hour Continuing Education for all Electricians!

Our curriculum fulfills the California 32 Hour Continuing Education requirements for General Electricians, Residential Electricians, Fire Life Safety Technicians, Non-Residential Lighting Technicians, and Voice Data Video Technicians.

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Complete your California 32 Hr Continuing Education requirements.

Complete your California continuing education requirements conveniently, efficiently, and online! Choose your CE lessons from over ninety hours of available curriculum. Once you have completed 32 hrs- mail your certificate(s) of completion with your renewal application and your $100 check to the DIR, prior to your due date!


32 Hour Continuing Education available online from any device with Internet Access

Choose the topics that interest you. Select your lessons from over 90 hrs of curriculum, across multiple different topics.

Choose from any of the following:
  • Electrical Safety
    • 6 different lessons to choose from
  • 2020 NEC Code Updates
    • 13 different lessons to choose from
  • 2017 NEC Code Updates
    • 23 different lessons to choose from
  • 2017 NEC- Grounding & Bonding
    • 8 different lessons to choose from
  • California Title 24 Introduction
    • 2 different lessons to choose from
  • Transformers 
    • 2 different lessons to choose from
  • Test Equipment
    • 6 different lessons to choose from
  • Solar Power Systems 
    • 3 different lessons to choose from
  • Ohms Law
    • 1 lesson
  • Label Systems & Schematic Reading 
    • 2 different lessons to choose from
  • Fire Alarms
    • 3 different lessons to choose from
  • Motors & Generators
    • 7 different lessons to choose from
  • Electrical Theory 
    • 23 different lessons to choose from

Five Reasons to Choose TLC for your CA State Approved 32-Hr Continuing Education.

  1. Educational:  TLC’s online 32-hour Continuing Education program helps Electricians complete their State education requirements more effectively! TLC reviews the skills every Electrician should know.
  2. A+ Rated with the BBB.
  3. 100 % Online: Lessons are available 24/7, anywhere you have Internet access.
  4. Fulfills CA CE Requirements: Electrical Certification Consultants is an approved continuing education provider in California.
  5. You’re in Control: Track Your Progress.
Consultants are available – Mon-Fri, 7 am to 8 pm, to answer your questions & lend assistance.

California has Strict Guidelines:

Learn more in our FAQ section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I begin my Continuing Education today?

ANSWER: Yes, you can begin your next round of 32-hour Continuing Education the day after your certification card renews. The State allows three years to complete the CE requirements and one year prior to mailing the renewal application.

The DIR has a zero-tolerance policy for late applications and will revoke your certification unless your paperwork is postmarked on or before your due date.

QUESTION – FOR EXISTING STUDENTS: I completed your 32-hour Continuing Education program. When do I receive my certificate of completion?

ANSWER: You will receive your certificate of completion, the renewal application, and full instructions for submitting your paperwork to the DIR via e-mail within 24 hours of completing your lessons. Please call us at 866-685-8564 if you do not receive your certificate.

QUESTION: How often am I required to renew my certification card?

ANSWER: You are required to renew your certification every three years from the date of issuance. Your certificate will automatically expire if you do not complete 32 hours of state-approved continuing education. A reminder notice may not be issued, so ALWAYS refer to your certification card for your expiration date.

QUESTION: How soon before my journeyman card is set to expire can I mail my renewal application and certificate of completion to the State?

ANSWER: You can now submit your paperwork to the DIR one year before your card is set to expire!

QUESTION: Can I complete my continuing education using this website?

ANSWER: Yes, Electrical Certification Consultants is an approved continuing education provider in California.

QUESTION: How do I prove that I have met the 2000 hours of work in the industry requirement?

ANSWER: No actual proof is required. However, if you check box #3 on your application, you are stating that you have acquired 2,000 hours in the industry and signing under penalty of perjury that your statement is true and correct.

QUESTION: What happens if I do not complete my continuing education on time?

ANSWER: If you are renewing after your card expires, you do not need to fulfill the 32-hour requirement for continuing education. You must retake the state exam and pass, or you will be illegally working.

Please Click for a complete list of DIR Electrical Certification FAQs.

Please check with your State Board for current information. Licensing requirements change and our site may not have been updated to reflect those changes.

Electrician Certification Renewal

The form used to renew your Journeyman license and submit to the DIR​.

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