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Master the Code- Study To Pass The Utah Residential Journeyman, Residential Master, Journeyman, or Master Electrician License.

Our exam preparation course teaches you to locate specific codes within the NEC. You will learn to navigate the code and quickly break down exam questions by keyword to find the answers in the 2020 NEC.

Study anywhere you have internet access! Don’t waste time commuting to a classroom. Our program is a proven, reliable, and affordable way to prepare for and pass the Utah Electrician exam.

One-year online access unless you pass sooner: Accessible from any device with internet access!

Our guided self-study schedule contains the following: 

Electrical Theory – eCourses

  • Basic Electrical Theory
  • Basic DC Theory
  • Basic AC Theory
  • Ohms Law
  • Test Equipment
  • Electrical Theory Chapter Questions

Blueprint Reading – eCourses

  • Label Systems & Schematic Reading
  • Construction Drawing Tutorial
  • Blueprint Reading Chapter Questions



Navigating the 2020 NEC – eManual

Our “Navigating the 2020 NEC” eManual helps students learn to navigate the National Electrical Code (NEC).

When you master the code, you master your Exam!

This eManual is the heart of the training program. It will familiarize you with the use, layout, and content of the 2020 NEC.

eManual includes:

  • How to navigate the 2020 NEC
    • Understanding of the terms, concepts, and layout of the NEC.
  • Speed drills
    • Code navigation exercises.
  • Code skimming exercises
  • Breaking down questions by subject:
    • Keyword Identification: how to identify the subject of a question for easy reference.
    • How to search for a code article by referencing the INDEX.
    • Code reference example questions with in-depth solutions.

Study Questions & Simulated Final Exams

  • GUIDED CHAPTER QUESTIONS This covers all Utah Master Electrician, Master Residential Electrician, Journeyman Electrician or Residential Journeyman Electrician License exam questions and answers within our course. (Organized as Question – Answer – Code Location.) These questions exist to provide a framework for you to practice locating the answers to questions through the use of your NEC Codebook. The process of constantly utilizing the code to answer practice questions will build up your speed and code knowledge to pass your electrical exam successfully.

Questions also include the following topics:

    • Electrical Theory Questions
    • Blueprint Reading Questions
    • Calculation Questions (Load Calculations, Conduit Fill, etc.)
  • ONLINE FLASHCARDS: Virtual Flashcards provide individual randomized questions. This provides access to our entire question set and is an ideal setting to practice answering randomized exam questions. (Organized as Question – Answer – Code Location).
  • SIMULATED FINAL EXAM: Final exams simulate the experience of taking your actual Master Electrician, Master Residential Electrician, Journeyman Electrician, Residential Journeyman Electrician License exam.

Simulated Finals Are:

    • Full length (Same number of questions as the exam)
    • Timed (Same amount of time allowed as the exam)
    • Randomized (Questions are assigned randomly; all exams are unique.)
    • Properly Balanced (All questions are balanced according to the Candidate Information Bulletin to guarantee a realistic exam simulation)

Take as Many Timed Final Exams as You Want! (Practice final exams help you rapidly gain confidence and knowledge to pass your Master Electrician or Master Residential Electrician License, Journeyman Electrician or Residential Journeyman Electrician License exam effortlessly.)



Add the 2020 NEC SOFTCOVER
Required Codebook (Sold Separately) $199.95

Adopted in all 50 states, NFPA 70, the National Electrical Code (NEC), is the benchmark for safe electrical design, installation, and inspection to protect people and property from electrical hazards.


Codebook Navigation Aid (Sold Separately) $14.95

Tab your Codebook. Fast-Tabs help you navigate the 2020 NEC quickly and efficiently. Fast-Tabs are a must-have item for NEC users and can dramatically lower the time spent searching the codebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions are answered here!

Please get in touch with the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing for current information. Licensing requirements change and our site may not have been updated to reflect those changes.

QUESTION: Who is required to have a Utah Electrician license?

ANSWER: The Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing must license any individual who is engaged in the electrical contracting business or is performing work as a Master/Journeyman/Residential Master or Residential Journeyman Electrician.

QUESTION: What are the qualifications required for taking the Utah Electrician exam?


Experience Requirements – 

Completion of 2 a year (288 classroom hours) of an approved apprenticeship electrical education program. At least 4,000 hours as a licensed Apprentice Electrician working under the supervision of a licensed Journeyman or Master Electrician.


8,000 hours of licensed electrical experience working under the supervision of a licensed Journeyman or Master Electrician.



Experience Requirements – 

Bachelors or Masters degree in electrical engineering from a school that is EAC/ABET accredited. 2,000 hours of work experience as a licensed Apprentice Electrician.


4,000 hours of work experience as a licensed Residential Journeyman Electrician.



Experience Requirements – 

Completion of a 4 year (576 classroom hours) electrical apprenticeship education program. 8,000 hours of licensed electrical experience working under the supervision of a licensed journeyman or master electrician.


16,000 hours of licensed electrical experience working under the supervision of a licensed journeyman or master electrician.



Experience Requirements

8,000 hours of experience as a licensed Journeyman


Bachelors or Masters degree in electrical engineering from a school that is EAC/ABET accredited. 2,000 hours of work experience as a licensed Apprentice Electrician.


Associates degree in applied science from an electrical trade school course of study. 4,000 hours of work experience as a licensed Journeyman Electrician.

Documentation must consist of a combination of the following:

  • Official transcripts showing the degree earned from an approved school.
  • “Verification of Electrical Experience” form documenting you meet the Utah experience requirements.

QUESTION: Is there reciprocity in Utah for the electrician exams?


QUESTION: How do I sign up for the Utah Electrician exam?

ANSWER: You can take your exams at Prov.

Register here and select “Self Registration”. Select the certifying body “UT-Electrical”, then select the appropriate exam class.

Consult the Utah Candidate Information Bulletin for more information. For testing questions, you can call PROV with any questions at (801) 733-4455. Hours of operation are between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm.

QUESTION: Are there any accommodations for the Utah Electrician exams?

ANSWER: Prov complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in providing special accommodations for candidates that require additional assistance during the testing process. If candidates feel that they qualify for a special accommodation during testing, they should contact Prov at (801) 733-4455. Prov will require written documentation from a licensed physician or psychologist documenting the disability and further require a request describing the requested remedy. Prov will then work directly with the candidates to make the accommodations they will need in order to complete their exam.

QUESTION: How many questions and how long are the Utah Electrician licensing exams?

ANSWER: The Utah Electrician licensing exams consist of three separate exams. 

  • Utah Code Exam:  3 hours to complete 80 questions
  • Utah Theory Exam: 145 minutes to complete 50 questions
  • Utah Residential Electrician Practical Exam:  4 tasks, 70 Minutes
  • Utah Electrician Practical Exam:  6 tasks, 110 Minutes

(We do not teach the practical portion of the exam.)

NOTE: Applicants are not required to take the Utah Electrician Practical Exam if they have previously passed any other practical exam.

The following codebooks are allowed by the testing center.

For all Electrician Exams

  • The NFPA 70 – National Electrical Code, 2020 Edition.

QUESTION: What can I bring into the Prov testing center?


QUESTION: Where do I go to take my Utah Electrician license exams?

ANSWER: The code and theory exams are available at seventeen (17) testing centers located from Logan to St. George. You also have the option to take the code and theory exams at home using Prov’s Examroom® service.

Please note that you will schedule the practical exam separately as it is given at separate times and locations from the Theory and Code exams.

QUESTION: Why should someone study this course if the Utah electrician license exam is an open-book test?

ANSWER: The electrical licensing exam is a very challenging test and usually requires a month or more of preparation to pass.

The 2020 NEC is a large and complex publication containing over 800 pages of code. It is challenging to locate each correct article and answer in the time allowed during the exam without thorough preparation.

Our course is designed to familiarize you with the 2020 NEC. You will know precisely how to find the correct answers in the code when you take your exam.

We prepare you to successfully pass your exam by providing extensive knowledge of the structure of the code and by thoroughly covering each subject appearing on your Utah Electrical License Exam (excluding the practical exam).

QUESTION: Why is a copy of the 2020 NEC required by this course?

ANSWER: The Utah Master/Journeyman/Residential Electrical License Exam is based on the 2020 NEC. This course is an excellent study companion to the Code. This course makes frequent references to code sections and guides you through the exam topics.

The Electrical Licensing Exam is an open-book code exam. To pass, you must continuously reference the 2020 National Electrical Code.

Utah Electrical Exam Applications

Don’t delay, start today. Fill out and submit your application after passing your exams. The Utah State Electrical Board can take six to eight weeks to approve your application.

Free Utah Electrician Exam Practice Test

Take the appropriate 25-question free Utah Electrician exam, & see where you stand!  These free electrician exam practice questions, based on the 2020 NEC, are similar to those on the Utah electrician exam.

The Utah Electrician exams are selected randomly from a database of thousands of potential questions. Memorizing answers is not the path to passing your exam!

If you understand how to locate exam answers in your 2020 NEC codebook, you should be able to answer 100% of these practice questions correctly within 60 minutes.

We teach you how to navigate your codebook & pass your exam. Master The Code, Master The Exam!

Use the 2020 (NEC) National Electrical Code to solve the Utah Electrician Exam quiz you plan to take.

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Utah Journeyman Electrician  Exam


Utah Residential Master Electrician Exam


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