1 Hour Electrical Continuing Education Classes – Self Paced & Online

Electrician CONTINUING EDUCATION by the Hour. $7.50 Hr.

Almost finished, but finding yourself a little shy from completing your required number of Continuing Education hours? Need to add just a few more to fulfill your State requirement? Now you can!

We have made Continuing education available to you “by the hour!” You can select only one hour or order as many hours as you need.

Enter the number of hours needing to be completed and log in. Select your lessons from over 70 hours of curriculum, across 18 topics. Complete the lessons that are of the most interest to you.

Our curriculum fulfills the California 32 hour requirements for General, Residential, Fire Life Safety, Non-Residential Lighting, and Voice Data Video Technicians.


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Course Outline

Complete your Continuing Education requirements – Online!

Complete most of your continuing education requirements elsewhere and need a couple of more hours to be finished? Now you can purchase lessons “by the hour”  efficiently and online! Just select how many hours you need, then log into our virtual study center from any device connected to the internet,

The California Electrical certification exam is harder to pass than ever before. DO NOT LET YOUR CERTIFICATION CARD EXPIRE!

CONTINUING EDUCATION (Pay By the Hour!) available online, from any device with Internet Access

Choose from:
  • Electrical Safety 
  • Lock Out Tag Out 
  • Sexual Harassment
    Fulfills new California requirement for sexual harassment training
  • Basic Electrical Theory 
  • Ohms Law Revisited 
  • Basic AC Theory
  • Basic DC Theory 
  • AC Motors
  • DC Motors  
  • Generators 
  • Batteries
  • Solar Power Systems 
  • Label Systems & Schematic Reading 
  • Test Equipment
  • Transformers 
  • Fire Alarm Systems.
  • 2017 NEC Code Updates
  • California Title 24 – Electrical

Five Reasons to choose TLC to be your State Approved Continuing Education Provider.

  1. It’s Educational:  TLC’s online 32-hour Continuing Education program helps to educate Electricians more effectively! With courses including 2017 NEC Updates, California Title 24, Electrical Safety, Test Equipment, Lock-Out-Tag-Out, and more, ECC teaches the skills every Electrician should know.
  2. A+ Rated with the BBB: We have never received a complaint.
  3. It’s Online: Complete the Continuing Education requirement on your schedule! Lessons are available 24/7 anywhere you have Internet access.
  4. Fulfills CA Continuing Education Requirements: We were the first 32 Hour ONLINE continuing education school in California approved by the DAS.
  5. You’re in Control -Track Your Progress and Stay Informed with ECC’s Management Tool.
Consultants are available – Mon-Fri 7 am to 10 pm to answer your questions & lend assistance.


Electrician Certification Renewal Application

The form used to submit your State Approved Certificate of Completion of 32 Hours of Electrician Continuing Education to DAS​.

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