Colorado Journeyman Wireman Electrician Exam Quiz

Welcome to your Colorado Journeyman Wireman Electrician Exam Quiz

What is the allowable ampacity of three (3) current-carrying conductors, size 500 kcmil 75° C rated copper, encased in intermediate metal conduit (IMC) located less than 7/8 inches above a rooftop and exposed to direct sunlight with an expected ambient temperature of 86° F?

GFCI protection must be provided in dwelling units, where 125-volt, single-phase receptacle outlets are installed within what distance from the outer edge of a sink?

When applying the standard method of calculation for dwelling units, if a branch circuit supplies a 7 kW counter-mounted cooktop and a 5 kW wall-mounted oven in a residence, what will the demand factor be on an ungrounded service-entrance and feeder conductor?

Overhead conductors for festoon lighting shall not be smaller than _____ AWG unless the conductors are supported by messenger wires.

For a 50-ampere branch circuit with conductors installed in PVC conduit, what is the minimum size copper equipment grounding conductor?

Where a cable or raceway type wiring method is installed through bored holes in joist, rafters, or wood members, in both concealed and exposed locations, holes must be bored so that the edge of the hole is ______ in. or more from the nearest edge of the wood member. Where the distance is not possible, the cable or raceway must be protected from penetration by nails or screws by use of a steel bushing or plate, ______ in thick or more, and of the correct length and width installed to cover the area where the wiring is located

Where a cable-or raceway-type wiring method is installed parallel to framing members, such as joists, rafters, or studs, or is installed parallel to furring strips, it shall be installed and supported so that the nearest outside surface is not less than 32 mm (1-1/4 in.) from the nearest edge of the framing member or furring strips where nails or screws are likely to penetrate. (Exceptions ignored).

When wiring is located inside the cavity of a fire-rated floor-ceiling or roof-ceiling assembly, it may not be supported by or secured to:

How many conductors is a single device counted as when it is wider than two (2) inches and installed in a 2-gang divide box?

Type MV cable is allowed for use on power systems rated at ____________ volts nominal and below.

Auxiliary gutters made of sheet metal must be secured and supported at intervals of ______ ft. or less along their entire length.

What is the smallest size copper conductor, along with flexible stranding, allowed in multiconductor portable cables that are used to connect mobile equipment and machinery?

For fixed outdoor electric deicing equipment, the ampacity of branch-circuit conductors and the rating or setting of overcurrent protective devices supplying the equipment shall be a minimum of ______ of the full-load current.

On an industrial control panel supplied from a 3-phase, 4-wire, delta-connected electrical system, the higher voltage to ground is:

For a pump motor control-circuit protected by a motor branch circuit protection device, with size 14 AWG conductors extending beyond the enclosure, what is the maximum size required overcurrent protection device?

Identification of equipment should be for the combustible, explosive, or ignitable properties of a specific ____________ present, as well as the class of hazardous (classified) location.

What is the first fitting that should be installed in the raceway that emerges from below ground or concrete into the base of a gasoline dispenser, when wiring motor fuel dispensing pumps?

What is the maximum distance from a box, cabinet, or fitting for cables installed in agricultural buildings to be secured?

What is the maximum distance that an accessible disconnecting means may be from a boat receptacle in a marina?

At the entrance to each tenant space on a commercial building or occupancy that is accessible to pedestrians, at least one outlet must be installed in an accessible location, rated at:

If a transformer is installed in an attic, an access door must be provided that is a minimum of:

The output of a PV ac module is considered to be what kind of output circuit?

Emergency source distribution overcurrent protection to emergency loads, or emergency source wiring must be kept separate of all other equipment and wiring except when in:

Fire alarm circuits must be identified at all junction and terminal locations so that prevention of unintentional signals on the fire alarm system circuits during:

What is the minimum separation that shall be maintained, where practicable, between lightning conductors and communications wires and cables on buildings?