2023 Residential Electrician Exam Quiz

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Everywhere in the code, the voltage a circuit operates at is the voltage considered, and electrical equipment voltage rating will be the ____________ or more of the connected circuit.

The parts of electric equipment that produce arcs, flames, molten metal, or sparks in ordinary operation must be separated or enclosed, and isolated from all:

If a branch circuit supplies any combination of noncontinuous and continuous loads, the overcurrent device rating must be at least ______ percent of the continuous load combined with the noncontinuous load.

For ranges of 8-3/4 kW or more rating, the minimum branch-circuit rating shall be ______ amperes.

A required 125-volt, 15- and 20-ampere receptacle in dwelling units shall be installed in any wall space _____ feet or more in width.

If they are served by the same feeder or service in a one-family, two-family or multifamily dwelling, it is allowable to apply a demand factor of 75 percent to the nameplate rating load of ______ or more appliances fastened in place, other than air-conditioning equipment, clothes dryers, electric ranges, or space-heating equipment.

Of the following, what areas of construction does the NEC (National Electric Code) not include in its coverage?

In each dwelling unit, the load shall be computed at _____ volt-amperes for each 2-wire small-appliance branch circuit required.

Overhead service-drop conductors shall have a vertical clearance of not less than _____ feet above the roof surface.

Where service cables are subject to physical damage, they must be protected by any of the following methods, except:

Regardless of the insulation type, after any correction factors for ambient temperature and number of conductors have been applied, the overcurrent protection for size 12 AWG copper conductors is generally no more than:

Unless it is impracticable, overcurrent device enclosures must be mounted in a ____________ position.

A fixture wire of 18 AWG is allowed to be tapped to a branch circuit conductor of a 20 amp branch circuit, as long as it is not more ______ ft. in length.

Nonconductive coatings (such as paint, lacquer, and enamel) on equipment to be grounded shall be ________ from threads and other contact surfaces to ensure good electrical continuity.

When using rod and pipe electrodes, where rock bottom is encountered, the electrode shall be driven at an oblique angle not to exceed _____ degrees from the vertical.

What is the maximum service feeder rating, in amperes, for No. 4 copper service conductors in a service installation for a dwelling?

Electrical nonmetallic tubing (ENT) shall be securely fastened in place within ______ of each cabinet, device box, fitting, junction box, or outlet box where it terminates.

Unless special permission is granted by the local inspector, concealed knob-and-tube wiring is only allowed to be used for:

For a 50-ampere branch circuit with conductors installed in PVC conduit, what is the minimum size copper equipment grounding conductor?

Receptacles installed outdoors in a wet location shall have an enclosure that is ________ whether or not the attachment plug cap is inserted.

What should the minimum horsepower rating of a motor controller that is not an inverse time circuit breaker or molded case switch, controlling a 120 hp, continuous-duty, ac motor of up to 600 volts?

The total marked rating of a cord-and-attachment-plug-connected room air conditioner shall not exceed _____ percent of the rating of a branch circuit where no other loads are supplied.

What is the maximum trade size conduit allowed to enclose a mobile home supply cord between the underside of a mobile home floor and the branch circuit panelboard?

For wet-niche underwater pool luminaires, which of the following listed conduits are allowed to enclose the conductors?

PV output circuit current is equal to the sum of parallel PV source circuit maximum current, which is detailed in which Article?