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Our electrician exam preparation programs show you how to locate specific code within the (NEC) National Electrical Code.

Our courses explain how to break down electrical exam questions by keyword to quickly find specific code answers in the 2017 NEC, 2020 NEC or 2023 NEC. Master the code skills necessary to pass your state-required electrician exam and become a licensed Journeyman Electrician, Master Electrician, Electrical Administrator, or other electrical license types.

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TLC has been providing state approved electrical continuing education courses in California since 2007.

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Lessons can be purchased individually for only $7.50 per hour. - TLC is the perfect solution to fill in missing hours after completing other qualified courses.

Three ways to complete your California electrical continuing education requirement.

More states to be announced shortly. Be sure to check your state regularly to see if we have been approved by your local state electrical board.

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