Free Electrician Exam Practice Test 2014 NEC

Take this 25-question free Electrician exam, & see where you stand! These electrician exam practice questions are similar to the 2014 NEC test questions found on the actual electrician exam. Each test is a random selection from thousands of potential questions, so memorizing answers is not the path to passing your exam!

The electrician exam is a code reference exam. You are tested on your 2014 NEC code knowledge and ability to locate test answers quickly.

Remember: The answer is irrelevant. The process of locating the answer in the codebook will ensure you pass your exam.  If you understand how to find answers in your codebook, you should be able to get 100% of these questions correct.

We teach you how to navigate your codebook – master the code, master the exam!

Use the 2014 (NEC) National Electrical Code) to solve these electrical certification exam practice questions.

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Of the following output characteristics, which is NOT required to be compatible to the output of a generator or other electric power production source operating in parallel with an electrical supply system?

Surface nonmetallic raceways that have limited smoke-producing characteristics shall be __________.

In what location are disconnecting means NOT required for individual luminaries with fluorescent double ended lamps and ballasts?

Non-heating leads from fixed outdoor electric deicing and snow melting embedded resistance heating panels shall be permitted to be protected by

A maximum continuous load on an overcurrent device is limited to 90 percent of the device rating. If the protective device is rated 80A, what is the maximum continuous load permitted?

At what distance from entering the building must the metal sheath of communication cable be grounded or interrupted?

Multiwire branch circuits supply only line to neutral loads except where they supply only one utilization equipment or __________.

Where a counter-mounted cooking unit is mounted in a corner, the space behind the unit is exempt from wall countertop receptacle spacing requirements when the measurement from the back of the unit to the corner of the wall is less than ___________.

Smoke detectors with control output functions shall be verified that the control capability shall remain operable even if the signaling line circuit is in alarm state or __________.

In new construction, luminaries installed within 1.5 meters (5 feet) of the edge of the water or over a pool, fountain, or similar body of water must be mounted a vertical distance above the maximum water level of no less than ___________.

Cord connected luminaries installed in bathtub and shower areas shall NOT have any parts within a zone measured __________.

Where a metal lampholder is connected to a flexible cord, the inlet shall be equipped with an insulated bushing that, if threaded, is NOT smaller than __________.

Circuit breakers and switches may not be used to disconnect the __________ conductor of a circuit. (Exception ignored).

Where a roof has a slope of NOT less than 100 mm (4 inches) in 300 mm (12 inches) above roof clearance of a communication cable of not less than what distance shall be permitted?

For Radio and Television distribution equipment, a bonding device intended to provide a termination point for the grounding conductor should comply with all of the following conditions except __________.

Because limiting the number of circuits on a single enclosure minimizes the effects from a ground fault or short circuit in one circuit, the NEC provides that the number or circuits and wires in a single enclosure be __________.

What is required for a control transformer when a 240-volt wye-connected motor gets power from a converted single-phase source, and it is intended to connect a 120/240-volt transformer to control the motor on the load side of the converter __________?

For equipment rated 1200 amperes or more and over 6 feet wide that contain overcurrent devices, there shall be one entrance to and egress from the required working space not less than __________ inches wide and __________ feet high at each end of the working space.

For fixed outdoor electric deicing equipment, the ampacity of branch-circuit conductors and the rating or setting of overcurrent protective devices supplying the equipment shall be a minimum of __________ of the full-load current.

For a one-family dwelling with a 200 ampere, 120/240-volt, single-phase main service panel, supplied with size 2/0 AWG THW copper ungrounded service-entrance conductors in rigid metal conduit (RMC), what is the minimum allowed size of bonding jumper for the service-entrance conduit?

Where shall liquid-tight flexible metallic conduit (LFMC) not be used?

The maximum percent of FMC conduit interior total area the may be filled if more than 2 conductors are used in the tube is __________?

For a branch-circuit where lighting outlets or general-use receptacles are also supplied, what is the maximum percentage of the rating that may not be exceeded by a cord-and-attachment-plug connected room air-conditioner?

Power-limited fire alarm cable must have a moisture-impervious metal sheath or be listed for the purpose if they are used in what kind of location?

What is the maximum ampere rating for any single cord-and-plug-connected appliance connected to a 30-ampere rated branch circuit?