For a retail store building with dimensions of 100 feet by 75 feet. • Service is 208Y/120-volts, 3-phase, 4-wire • Actual connected general lighting load of 14,000 VA • The store has 50 continuous feet of show window lighting. • The building is provided with 115 general use-receptacle outlets • Fifty (50) feet of multioutlet assembly where the cord-connected appliances are likely to be used simultaneously will be installed. • Forty (40) feet of track lighting will be installed for accent lighting. • The store will have two (2) 20-ampere, 120-volt exterior electric sign circuits. • Consider all overcurrent protection devices not to be listed for continuous use. When calculating the service for the building, what required VA must be included for the general lighting load?

220.12 Table 220.12 100 ft. x 75 ft. = 7,500 sq. ft. x 1.9 VA = 13,680 VA