2017 NEC Article 110: Pg 1

2017 NEC Chapter 1 – General (General Requirements of the Code) ARTICLE 110—Requirements for Electrical Installations

110.3 Examination, Identification, Installation, and Use of Equipment. 

  • Code Revision: 110.3 Examination, Identification, Installation, Use, and Listing (Product Certification) of Equipment
  • Code Revision: Informational Note No. 1
  • New Article: (C) Listing
  • New Article: (C) Informational Note

NOTE: This article addresses the examination, identification, installation, and use of equipment. It addresses used and reconditioned equipment and provides rules for its certification.

  • Listing (Product Certification) added to line 1 of the title of article 110.3 as well as the addition of new Informational Note No.1:  also, the informational note in the 2014 NEC has been renumbered as Informational Note No.2:
  • Informational Note No 1: clarifies the fact that “examined equipment may be new, reconditioned, or remanufactured”.
  • 110.3 also has a new section. Section C Listing, with its own informational note.
  • Section C states that “product testing, evaluation, and listing (product certification) shall be performed by recognized qualified electrical testing laboratories and shall be in accordance with applicable product standards as achieving equivalent and effective safety for equipment installed to comply with this Code”.
  • Section C has its own informational note

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